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Digital Media Development – Film Production – Digital Distribution – Interactive Marketing

Dan Shannon has founded several companies, which are active in the verticals of film production and mobile app development, media distribution and digital marketing.  Dan Shannon has been producer, director, DP, on dozens of documentary films as well as senior product development executive for a major North-American DVD distributor. Mr. Shannon has also produced dozens of digital media projects from educational portals, to smartphone apps across a wide range of industries, mostly media related.  Avid outdoorsman and global digital citizen, Dan continues to develop media projects bringing together the business of film, tech, and online audience development.

Film projects from script to screen

Seasoned documentary field producer/director and cameraman, Dan has a track record of  building teams for documentary production, commercial and corporate filming projects. From global filming and packaging to international co-production financing, and official Canadian co-production deal structuring, Dan is equally at home in the studio, in the boardrooms in New York, as in the jungles of Africa.

How to Sell your  Film Online in 2018
How to Sell your film online in 2019

What if you could be selling your documentary or independent feature online direct to customer alongside your other distribution deals?

Watch Me Show You How We Sold More Than $ 31,641.00 in DVD and Video On Demand of a very niche film, using Our Proven Traffic, Sales Funnel and Automation Systems

Mobile Apps and digital marketing

Having produced more than two dozen apps over the last few years, Dan continues to lead a global creative team of graphic designers, programmers, and interactive story tellers, for a wide range of clients, from PBS to Canadian Film funding agencies, focused on intelligent interactive design not just for the entertainment sector but also health,  education, insurance, retail and more.

“We take a 360 marketing approach to all our projects, designing experiences for television, internet, mobile app and social media environments. Our focus on analytics-driven niche audience development and interactive story-centric marketing is a hallmark of our media deployment strategy.”  -Dan Shannon

To connect with Dan, or to request a free quote and some examples of our work, send us an email at contact (at) danshannon.net  or give us a call at (514) 384-4061.

Dan Shannon

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